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  • Have you ever dreamed about what you would do with your days if you owned every second of them? What would you do with your time if no one but you had a say in how you spent it? Imagine the freedom of no longer having to wonder about how to pay the bills!  A Leisure Life's opportunity along with our compensation plan allows you the freedom to finally take control of your life and build a business that allows you the flexibility to have more time and money than ever before.

    Becoming an Affiliate with A Leisure Life allows you to achieve greater wealth and create more time by sharing with people what you love: vacationing. Our easy-to-understand compensation plan and bonuses allow you to create income from sharing the products A Leisure Life has to offer.  A Leisure Life products will be of great worth to you and you can share that with your most trusted acquaintances. We invite you to join A Leisure Life in bringing the European vacationing mentality to all people and helping them enjoy a true leisure life. Let A Leisure Life help you find the freedom you truly deserve by enrolling now.

  • Customer Acquisition Bonus (Paid Weekly)

    Be rewarded weekly on product purchased by new Affiliates and Valued Customers you enroll.

    Residual Income Hybrid (Paid Monthly)

    Earn long-term residual income on product sales within your entire organization.

    Matching Bonus (Paid Monthly)

    Earn an additional percentage of your personal enrollees monthly residual check.

    Differential Override (Paid Monthly)

    Opportunity to get paid on your teams total group commissionable volume calculated from your enrollment tree (Game Changer)

    Compensation Plan Chart.
  • Becoming an Affiliate or a Premier Affiliate is for people who are looking to have access to creating a fabulous vacation and merchandise experience all while building additional sources of income. When you enroll as an Affiliate, you begin your journey to create “A Leisure Life” small business opportunity for yourself and your family. As a new A Leisure Life Affiliate, you will be given all the tools and support you need to introduce your prospects to A Leisure Life products and services. For each customer you enroll you will be rewarded, in multiple ways, for their Membership Plan purchase each month. You will become an Affiliate or a Premier Affiliate that is built upon the Valued Customer Plan but has more Rewards Cash and great compensation programs. See our compensation plan model and compensation details for more information. .
  • Becoming A Leisure Life Valued Customer allows you to research and book luxury resorts, condo vacations, hotels and high end merchandise all at a wholesale rates. With your new amazing access to A Leisure Life you can finally take your dream vacation….every year. With a Valued Customer Plan, which comes with of Rewards Cash, you have the ability to purchase fabulous merchandise even without taking vacations. While the Membership dues for a Valued Customer are only a month, by referring only 4 other people which join A Leisure Life, your membership dues will reduce per month for each of those 4 people. That means you can have this product for only per month !!! And you still get to keep the of Rewards Cash. As a new Valued Customer of A Leisure Life, you will be granted access to all of our exclusive discounted worldwide luxury accommodations. The in Rewards Cash allows you to further discount the booking of hotels, cruises, excursions and to purchase name brand merchandise. At any time as an active Customer, you may also elect to transition to an Affiliate enabling you to create your personal A Leisure Life business opportunity.


  • Do you like to go on vacation…do you like to get the best value for your dollar…do you like to stay in luxury accommodations when you vacation? Yes? Of course you do. Everybody does. A vacation is one thing everyone likes and wants to do more of. Imagine a travel and merchandise website where you are guaranteed to get the best price on the internet and have that claim supported by a 200% price guarantee. Whether it is luxury resort condominiums or hotels, cruises, excursions or high quality name brand merchandise, A Leisure life has it all at an affordable price that everyone can take advantage of. By being a member of A Leisure Life you can actually go on vacation and save buckets of money. A simple summary is hard to do when there are so many fabulous things to talk about concerning A Leisure Life. Since 2008 attitudes and well-being have been at less than desirable levels. While it seems for some the economy has turned for the better, money is still scarce and more dear for the general population. People are simply not as happy. Real vacation time is at a low level. Many people have taken drive-vacations to relative’s homes, but is that a real vacation? Our mission is to help people with their vacation life. Think of a year when you went on vacation. Where did you go, what did you do, do you want to do that again? Yes, you can remember it all and you want to go again. No one on a death bed was sorry they did not work more, they were sorry they did not spend more quality time with their loved ones. Vacations provide quality time and lasting memories with those you love. Create your life, live it and make lasting memories with your loved ones. Vacationing, by itself, will make people happier, healthier and wealthier in many ways.
  • While the products offered by A Leisure Life are more than just physical, the physical offerings have become known as the wholesale travel online go-to site by Members. It is comprised of resort units in over 5,000 luxury locations in 100 countries. In any given week, there are over 200,000 condominiums available for rent. Also offered are over 140,000 hotels, all the major cruise lines, hundreds of excursions and merchandise. With the Rewards Cash part of the program these offerings come with a 200% price guarantee. The luxury resort condominiums are our premier product in that they are up to 90% off the TimeShare/Vacation Club pricing and you don’t have to own anything. A typical one bedroom TimeShare sells for -35,000 with annual maintenance (dues) of - and you ONLY get one vacation week for that price. So when a location sells a unit for they do so for each of the 52 weeks in a year. That is over Million collected per 1 bedroom Condominium and almost twice that for a 2 bedroom. Certainly a very high quality, luxurious accommodation can be built for that amount of money. Usually TimeShare/Vacation Clubs are too expensive for the general public and hotels generally just do not the same quality of accommodation. But now, everyone can get a high quality accommodation for the price of an economy hotel. The core product of A Leisure Life are the condominiums available via the timeshare industry that the general public may use for vacationing at very affordable prices so a week vacation is now affordable for families, once again. Hotels are included in the accommodation selections. Over 140,000 hotels worldwide are included in this offering. Also, all the major cruise lines with their total cruise lists are available to Members. Even excursions are included. No matter where you are, it is more memorable when you see the sites and adventures guided by people who know where to go and what to show you. Lastly is the merchandise selection from hundreds of brand names at wholesale pricing. Names like Callaway, Dooney & Burke, Michael Kors, Tumi, Tommy Bahama, Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan, Sephora, Oakley, Maui Jim, Swarovski Crystal, Perry Ellis, Nike, Dyson, and hundreds more.
  • What makes this offering special is A Leisure Life’s 200% lowest online price guarantee. The Guarantee is based on online “retail” pricing from the internet (,,,,,,,,, and more.) So when we list the retail price we mean the lowest price on the internet. In almost 2 years of an active program we have yet to see even one request for the Guarantee. This Guarantee is driven with the use of Rewards Cash which makes the lowest online pricing even lower. Rewards Cash is provided with the Valued Customer and Affiliate or Premier Affiliate memberships. Rewards Cash is not government monetary cash but our internal cash that works like money to reduce the lowest online pricing to the A Leisure Life price. The Guarantee is there for anyone’s use but no one needs to use it since the pricing is simply fantastic.
  • Below are several examples/comparisons of actual internet values on travel accommodations. These were pulled on 28 Dec 2014. Is it but a small look at what we have to offer but it gives a range of comparisons on a few of the resorts we offer within the 5,000 locations. Comp
  • Once a Member actually takes a vacation and enjoys the savings offered, they do not leave the program since they have found the value proposition. They are not only happier and healthier from the relaxation but the memories are priceless to them. At that point they start to talk about where they went and how affordable it was so it is natural for them to refer others to become Valued Customers. When this happens then the Valued Customer doing the referring receives a reduced monthly membership that is less each month for up to 4 active Customer referrals. These 4 referrals when the are active customers themselves reduce the monthly dues to only for that Valued Customer that referred them to A Leisure Life.
  • A Leisure Life is not found in the public domain. The price we provide our members is so low that, by contract, we cannot advertise to the general public. Big players in the travel internet market would be very upset if we publicize our pricing structure. Currently we do not make money on the actual trips taken. This keeps our average pricing lower than other vendors. Our revenue stream is from the active monthly membership fees. Once you become a member you have access to all the wholesale priced resort condominiums, hotels, cruises, excursions and merchandise. We are a hybrid organization which has taken the best of corporate practices and pushed the envelope to enable Customers to benefit. Customers can benefit from a monthly membership that can be as low as per month by simple referring Customers.

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